Wednesday Night Live
Study begins at 6:15 PM
Starting in June the Book of Romans
Bring your Bible’s

The Epistle of Romans offers a life of no condemnation found in union with Jesus Christ.

Sometimes, our faith in God may create a dilemma between how we are expected to think, feel, and behave, and how we really do think, feel, and behave. Our religious beliefs can further obscure our sense of well-being simply because we don’t measure up to the ideal or standards they seem to put upon us.

Chapter 8 in the book of Romans deals with the great paradox of being hidden in Christ and being human. Our human condition and struggle are addressed thoroughly, as well as God’s gracious and loving response to the challenges we face daily.

We will engage Romans chapter 8, tomorrow night, August 2, in our Wednesday Night Live Bible Study beginning 6:15.

Let’s plan to come and share together the hope and direction this great New Testament book offers to all of us who love God yet struggle with how then we should live.

Plan to come, and let’s study together.  We all need each other!

Pastor David