~GateKeeper’s Prayer~
Dear Father God, help and guide us to be the men of God you’ve called us to be. Be our strength as we join together in one accord standing in the gap, through your Holy Spirit as given to us through the unequaled sacrifice of your son Jesus Christ, HIS blood, freely spilled, in your perfect love that all may be saved. Help us strive continually to be more like Christ, both individually and corporately, being the salt and light to our families our church, and our world. And bearing the full armor of God let us be your Gatekeepers and Watchman of the cross in Jesus Holy name, AMEN.
Disciples Men Fellowship
Meetings are held
the first Saturday at 8:30 AM
Bring a breakfast item to share!
HCC GateKeeper’s Mission
To serve, to bless, and meet the needs of our families, our church, and our community as called by our Lord Jesus Christ.  To join together in building strong relationships, a ‘band of brothers’, sharing and supporting each other in good times and bad…reaching out in need, and in fellowship.  To be the foundation, and bedrock…steadfast in holding the line as one in Christ, and by HIS Holy Spirit we the GateKeepers, will stand ever vigilant in deed and in prayer against the evils that would come against our way of life, worship and our mission to win our community to Christ.