Stewardship Message


Greetings Hampton Christian Church family.


Now is a troubling time with a Medical Pandemic and the resulting economic crisis. We all have been affected both personally and socially in how we react to the current crisis and only we and our Lord know how we are affected both medically and financially.


During the past week several of our church family has asked how do we give our tithes and offerings?  First off it’s such a blessing to know that, not only are we concerned about worshiping the Lord together as a body but also about the most intimate forms of worship in our tithes and offerings! To give back a portion of the many blessings that God has given to us!


Each individual and family must pray and determine what God would have you do to support the Stewardship of our Church during this crisis. As we are not meeting each Sunday in the Sanctuary giving is more difficult.


Here are ways you can continue your Tithes and Offering throughout this Social Distancing Period:

  • Submit your check offering the Postal Office, regular mail.
  • Many have set up direct deposit through their bank or financial institution.
  • Drop off your check or cash envelope during our Sunday morning drive-thru communion as many did last Sunday. Plus it’s such a blessing to see you all! (Especially this Easter Sunday!)


 God’s work continues through this Pandemic. He doesn’t rest and neither should we, and our Tithes and Offerings are necessary to bless and keep our Church moving forward through Him.


Thank You,

God Bless and Stay Safe!!

The HCC Executive Staff